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Why test for mould in Air

Here are some of the reasons why our customers tell us they

tested for Mould in the Air.

  • They think they have a mould problem, but dont know how bad it is.
  • They can see the mould and want to know if it is in the air.
  • They have had mould in the past. It has been cleaned or treated and they what to know if it has gone.
  • They have reported Mould to a Landlord or Housing Association, but they are not taking the problem seriously.The MouldCheck provides evidence of the problem. Customers often return the plates to us and we will send an email with the results as evidence of the problem.
  • There has been some unexplained illness and breathing problems in the house.
  • There are concerns for young people, elderly or people with allergies or asthma in the house.
  • There has been a recent water leak and they are concerned that mould could be growing.
  • The house suffers with condensation or damp and they are concerned that mould is growing.
  • For peace of mind.


We are very happy to discuss your concerns over the phone if required.