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Why Does Mould Grow

Why does mould grow in homes or buildings?


Moulds and fungi are found in nature and are necessary for the breakdown of leaves, wood and other plant debris. These micro-organisms can enter a building directly or by their spores being carried in by the air. In a home or building, moulds and fungi are usually found growing on wood, drywall (plaster/gypsum/Sheetrock(R)), upholstery, fabric, wallpaper, drapery, ceiling tiles, and carpeting.

The key factor is moisture because moulds and fungi need it to grow. As a result, moulds and fungi are most often found in basements, kitchens and bathrooms.

In modern buildings, moisture is present as the result of :

  • flooding,
  • leaks in the roof or plumbing,
  • sealed buildings that do not allow excess moisture to escape,
  • sources such as cooking facilities, showers, etc., or
  • excess humidity.

* In this document, the term mould will be used to mean any of mould, mildew, yeasts, and fungi.